About Us

TACCler is an interactive, or rather, an integrative video streaming platform in development, where Audiences can interact with content and Crew may find their success in the indie film industry.

The Audience and Crew Commons Corp. (TACC) is a social business that aims to create synergy between Audience and Crew.

We are an international team of 7 from all over the world: Canada, Germany, Mexico, India, Pakistan and US, with a wide variety of competences in film, business, software development, content management, training and teaching and more.

On this future platform, Audiences get insight into productions of shorts and web series, by viewing behind-the-scenes material, like concept art and excerpts, and giving feedback on it. This way, our featured indie filmmakers can learn, and create more content that is attractive to their and our Audience. Of course, Audiences may also simply watch our final products:

Our innovative “One-Click-System” (1CS) allows users to spend more time on watching quality content, rather than scrolling and searching endlessly on the website. Since we focus on shorts and web series, you don’t have to commit to watching hours of content at a time.

In 2020, we test the “Voluntary Ad” system that would allow for a free watching experience without pop-ups, side-bars or mid-rolls.

As we grow, we aim to become a sustainable production studio that hires Cast / Crew online and implements artistic / team building and new preparation processes to improve working conditions during film production.

TACC Corp. was founded in 2018 and registered in 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. TACCler.com is to launch in 2021 as an online beta, but will post regular pre-launch content starting March 2020, such as informative articles about our technology and services, behind-the-scenes content of indie productions and the first TACC Original.