As we prepare for our launch in 2020, there is lots to do for the TACC Team! Here is a list of exciting things to look forward to:

COMPETITION: Shorts and Student Films

Throughout all of 2020, TACC will be looking for shorts, web series, student films and other indie content to feature on the first online-version of our streaming platform. Even films that will still be in production are welcome! Check in with us in March to participate, or contact us at any time to submit your project outside of the competitions.

Prep the Launch:

In 2021, we launch the first official version of
Of course there will be a party, including an award ceremony for our best featured content and a live stream to follow along and watch shorts wherever you are!

Until then, we will be presenting you with lots of content, such as informative articles about our practices (and how they connect to the newest developments in the online world,) the production of our first TACC Original and behind-the-scenes of several indie productions.

Making a TACC Original:

As our platform grows, we at TACC want to create our own original content. But rather than solely making it, We involve you! As we shoot the project “The Night Before…” (working title), in summer of 2020, you can view behind-the-scenes material, vote on concepts and learn about our sustainable production methods, even before the platform launches.

Code of Ethics:

While you interact with our Pre-Launch Content, we work on our Human Resources plan and Sustainability Report, so you can read all about our sustainable methods in management and product design. Because we specialize in ‘sustainability in film and user experience’, our core business model is devoted to efficiency, humane working conditions and crew training during film production, as well as the protection of user data and the involvement of the user.

“we are a in-development start up corporation and are not generating income until after the launch phase is completed”

Wanted: Graphic Designers

Dear Graphic Designers,

Have you ever wanted to design the logos for an innovative start-up? Then this job is for you! In early 2020 we want to select our logo! Here, a description and guidelines of how to apply:

+ Apply with your resume and your work portfolio per email to

+ Pay: 250$

+ Successful collaboration means long-term collaboration

+ Any typography or graphic should be either copyright free or newly designed.

The 2 logos should have the following attributes:

  1. TACC Corp.: The letters T A C C. (The Audience and Crew Commons)
    The A (Audience) and the first C (Crew) should be the highlight of the logo. Your logo should enhance the mission of the company and needs to be able to relate and assimilate to the film and entertainment industry.
    There is the option of integrating another c-shape (Corp.).
  2. The header logo for TACCs website TACCler(.com)
  • We are looking for something that is modern, fun, and showcases trustworthiness. Remember to develop something creative and unique!
  • Shading, background, outline and font are up to you! BE ORIGINAL! (As a matter of copyright we recommend you to create a personalized typography for the logo)
  • You are welcome to add other elements (incld. a third C), if you consider it necessary.
  • Press Media Kit. Send three versions for each logo submitted:
    1. A .JPG and .PDF with a white and a black background. (RGB & CMYK)
    2. A .PNG (N/A background) and a .TIFF.
    3. Escalated for different media platforms (e.a. Print, Video, Social Media, etc.)
    4. If the logo is animated, it needs to be sent on .MOV , .MP4 and .MP5.

Additional info: “The Audience and Crew Commons” is an online platform for user creativity, interactive entertainment and transparency. We value sustainability, innovation and community.

Deadline: 25th February 2020

Behind The Scenes of our first Prototype Production

On the 22nd of June, 2019, we tested our new, sustainable TACC Production System with a small Crew & Cast of 15. We taught Sustainability and interactive media, developed a concept together and produced the ideas in one day! Please enjoy some bts photos from our shoot.